D7 Representatives

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Danielle Rodgers| 2018 | Psychology with Statistics Minor | dgr3ce@virginia.edu

1. Why did you decide to run for this position?

D7 always seemed like a fun way to network outside of UVA and keep in touch with friends who went to other colleges. I didn't know much about it until I went to D7 Olympics and the 2016 Culture Shows, but after that, I knew I wanted to be more involved in D7. When I decided to run for this position, my goal was to be able to share the wonderful D7 experiences that I've had with the rest of OYFA.

2. What is your favorite OYFA memory?

Many people will say that their favorite memory is from Barrio or Culturefest, but I would have to say that my favorite memory so far is from Family Food Fight 2k16 at the end of Little Big Week. It was great seeing the families come together and get down and dirty and do some things that weren't exactly in their comfort zone, like double teamming a donut or having cheese balls thrown onto your face that is filled with whipped cream.

3. What is something you are passionate about?

I am passionate about becoming a grandmother. Not so much a mother because I'm not looking forward to parenting, but I want to be a grandmother with a big porch that I can read on and grandchildren to spoil. I already envision myself retiring and opening a bake shop and making sure that all of my grandchildren and friends leave my house with a full stomach and a big smile. Oh, I'm also passionate about helping others, but that may just tie into my grand scheme of grandmotherlyness.

4. What is the funniest/favorite memory of your childhood?

It was the start of the prank wars. My brother decided that it would be funny to wake me up by dumping hot sauce in my mouth. Mind you, at the early age of 5, my mouth was extremely sensitive to spicy things. So I woke up screaming for water and everyone around me thought it was hysterical. The next April Fool's Day, I mixed black coffee into his tea. He retaliated by dumping the tea in my bath. It went back and forth for a good two years.


John Herrick | 2018 | Computer Science| jah6vg@virginia.edu

1. Why did you decide to run for this position?

Coming to college, OYFA was the first real support network I had. I made amazing friends, and coming from an area where its rare for kids to come to UVA, I valued how welcome I felt coming in. I wanted to pass that on, and branch out to other schools to feed my passion of meeting new people!

2. What does OYFA mean to you?

A big issue with Asian-Americans in general is that there is a serious lack of representation in our government. And that means that many Asian-American interests, needs, and unique perspectives on legislature and the economy aren't visible to the highest levels of government that can impact our lives. There are only a rare few in the myriad of White congressmen who can stand for our unique rights as Americans. And it's organizations like OYFA and the much larger FIND and District 7 that I now represent that give us a voice: a strong voice that needs to be heard. Together we stand strong with our voices consolidated under one body.

3. What does OYFA mean to you?

My Igorot Stick homie. I still have it! And it currently serves as my drinking cup.

4. Why did you decide to go to UVA?

I came to UVA because it was my last choice! All my top schools rejected me, and I decided to come here. It honestly was the best decision of my life, meeting amazing people, becoming part of a supportive brotherhood, and getting away from my home town and expanding my views on how diverse the world can be. I think its a big stepping stone, and look intently at the future and where I go from here.

5. Describe your perfect day

My perfect day would be back home on the beach. I spent a whole summer living on the beach, and if I could go back, I would wake up early morning and get a Raspberry Mocha from my favorite coffee shop by the bay. Then I would grab my fishing equipment, a few drinks, and my speakers and fish by the pier alone till noon, when I would eat at my favorite Greek restaurant, Orapax. Then I would hang with my closest friends all day playing video games and Yu-Gi-Oh like we used to, hit the gym for a few hours, take my girl to see the sunset back by the bay, and hit the club/bars at night.