Scholarship Chairs

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Caroline Pham| 2019 | Pre-commerce |

1. Why did you decide to run for this position?

OYFA gave me so many great experiences and memories my first year, I wanted to be more involved within the organization. I liked the academic focus of the scholarship and the connections it provides between the current members and alumni. Many of the events we have planned are centered around academic excellence and networking. I'm looking forward to Fireside chats, the Mentor/Mentee program, and our alumni panels this year!

2. What does OYFA mean to you?

OYFA to me is family. From the very beginning I always felt welcomed. OYFA has helped me grow as a person, student, and friend. I met some of my closest friends through this organization and in the past year we've already created so many memories.

3. What is something you are passionate about?

Food. I could literally talk for hours about food. Or just eat food. I love cooking, baking, basically anything that has to do with food.

4. What did you do/plan to do this summer?

Going on a cruise through the Mediterranean! I've never been to Europe before so I'm excited to visit. Also very excited to take pictures and eat good food lol


Abigail Hoang | 2019 | Biology |

1. Why did you decide to run for this position?

I wanted to give back to fellow OYFAns both academically and professionally, which I believed fit best through OYFA's Scholarship committee.

2. What does OYFA mean to you?

OYFA is a friendly family network filled with reliable, fun people that I can always count on! The organization has fostered my growth as an individual and as a UVA student in more ways than one, and I appreciate being a part of this community.

3. If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

Teleportation. It seems super convenient since you won't need to walk/drive/fly to get to places (saving that $$$) AND it saves a lot of time. Forgot something in a classroom across grounds but you're too far away? Too lazy to walk to the kitchen to get food? Wanna go out but there's a lot of traffic? Boom--teleportation saves the day.

4. Would you like to be famous? For what reason?

Of course, but as an actress. Although I'm not ~the best~ at acting (ok I can't act for my life), it would be pretty cool to star in movies or tv shows. I definitely would want to have my own sitcom on like NBC or FOX or something because I love comedy and sitcoms are some of my favorite shows.