2013-14 Webmaster

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Matt Lapuz | 2014 | Computer Science | mdl8pd@virginia.edu

1. Why did you run for this council position?
I decided to run for Webmaster because I wanted to use my knowledge of coding and my enthusiasm for OYFA to help make OYFA more visible and more easily accessible. I love CS and I'm always trying to learn more, so I figured I would use this passion to help this organization grow.

2. What does OYFA mean to you?
OYFA has been my support network and my family away from home. I honestly couldn't imagine my experience at UVA without OYFA. This organization has given me so many memories and is always there for me. OYFA has pushed me to do new things, challenge myself, and grow as a leader and especially as a person. OYFA's sense of unity and togetherness is unmatched.

3. Why did you decide to go to UVA for college?
I knew that UVA was widely regarded as one of the best public colleges in the US, and I really liked the atmosphere of the university when I visited it. UVA was my top choice when I found out all my college acceptances, and I heard that the computer science program was on the rise, so that sealed the deal for me.

4. If there was a movie made about your life, who would you want to play you and why?
I think I'd want David Schwimmer to play me (Ross from "Friends", if for some reason you don't recognize the name) because he can be funny, awkward, sentimental, and serious, sometimes all at once. And he's very good at overreacting and being really loud in general, which is a pretty important quality to have when trying to act like me.