Ysabel Sprague

Ysabel is a 3rd year English major! She is from the town of Vienna, Virginia and joined OYFA her first year to explore her Filipino culture. She ran for President because she has a vision for what the organization can be in regards to the increased awareness of Filipino culture for both OYFA's members and the UVA/Charlottesville community. She also wants to offer a space for people Filipino and Non-Filipino alike to create lasting bonds and to feel as if they can be themselves at our university.

She's happiest when she is talking and connecting with others. Her favorite quote is from the new Cinderella movie with Lily James, "Have courage and be kind."


Andrea Dilao

Dre is a 3rd year Global Development Studies and Economics double major! She is from Falls Church, Virginia and joined OYFA her first year to maintain a connection to her Filipino identity in college. She ran for Vice President because she loved her experiences on B&C (#dubsonly Sports Chair) and wanted to build on the ways in which B&C members could feel more engaged and empowered in their personal roles and in OYFA as a whole. But it's mostly because she's obsessed with Google Forms, spreadsheets, and slides.

Dre's favorite quote is "Go ahead, make my day", as made famous by Clint Eastwood. She is happiest when she's doing completely spontaenous activities or travel with no planning involved.


Owen Haines

Owen is a 3rd year Systems Engineering major. He is from Vienna, Virginia and joined OYFA his first year. He ran for treasurer in order to further give back and help promote financial accesibility in OYFA.

His favorite quote is any of the dumb sayings on the side of those Lulu Lemon Bags and you can hit him up on venmo @ohainesva.


Sophia Molly Williams

Sophia Williams is a 4th year Foreign Affairs major. She is from Virginia Beach and joined OYFA her first year. She ran for Outreach Coordinator because she wanted to support and represent OYFA, implement meaningful changes, and give back to the organization.

Sophia's favorite quote is "Anakin, my allegiance is to the republic, to democracy!". She is happiest when she is vibing with good music while on a road trip with friends.


Cindy Bui

Cindy is a 4th year Psychology and Spanish double major in the College of Arts and Sciences. She is from Atlanta, GA and joined OYFA her first year. She ran for Corresponding Secretary in order to ensure that OYFA inhabits the space they need and deserve. In addition to enjoying the plethora of spreadsheets and emails, she loves to empower others to find importance in their presence and recognize that space is more than these four walls!

Cindy acknowledges that it is a hot take to favor the 2013 version of The Great Gatsby starring Leonardo DiCaprio, however, she is willing to discuss this with anyone that wants to share their opinion! "So we beat on, boats against the current, born ceaselessly into the past."


Taylor Mendoza

Taylor is a second year majoring in Economics. He is from Eldersburg, Maryland and he joined OFYA his first year. He ran for Recording Secretary to connect people and share information about OYFA's awesome programming.

Taylor is happiest playing tennis, and his favorite quote is the Lego r2d2 death sound.


Ben Hill

Ben is a second year double majoring in Religious Studies and Global Security and Justice. He is from Manassas, Virginia and joined OYFA his first year. He ran for Advocacy because he wanted to deepen his connection with his heritage and help connect others to Filipino culture.

At 10 years old, Ben wanted to be a Pokemon trainer. However, given the moral implications, he has since changed his mind. His hidden talent is that he is a pro at stream-of-consciousnesses writing, and his favorite quote is "Segundo, minuto, oras at buwan- hindi pa magiging sapat."

Noah Narciso

Noah is a 2nd year Computer Science major with a minor in Chemistry. He is from Clifton, Virginia and joined OYFA his first year. He ran for Advocacy because he wanted to have an impact on the organization. He wanted to help educate the members of the organization about different political, social and cultural events that happen in Filipino and Filipino-American peoples.

Noah is happiest when he is eating any type of food. His favorite quote is "Why do we Shower?"


Alanna Zoscak

Alanna is a 2nd year Computer Science major. She is from Haymarket, Virginia and joined OYFA her first year. She ran for Community because she has a passion for giving back through service.

She loves writing, and her favorite quote is "Nothing works unless you do," by Maya Angelou.

Leigh Mante

Leigh is a second year studying Global Public Health and Statistics. Born in Bohol, she moved to Virginia Beach when she was three (#757). She joined OYFA her first year and loved every second of it. She ran for Community because she wanted to give back to the organization and encourage members to explore the power and strength of their identities on a bigger scale while connecting to the greater Charlottesville and UVA community.

Leigh is most happy when she's driving down London Bridge Road in Virginia Beach with the windows down during golden hour on a warm summer day blasting "Electric Love" by Borns or when drinking taro milk tea with 30% sugar and oreo crumble. Her favorite quote is "purpose fuels passion."


Joshua Dano

Josh is a 2nd year studying Computer Science. He is from Virginia Beach, Virginia and joined OYFA his first year. Coming to UVa, though, he realized the importance of education of culture and the need for representation within our University.

He spends a lot of time practicing calligraphy during class instead of actually taking notes, and he has had many major changes during the past two years at UVa (including dropping pre-med), but has finally decided on Computer Science (or so he hopes)! His favorite quote is "I didn't come this far, to only come this far."

Lauren Manuel

Lauren is a 2nd year studying Psychology with minors in Health and Well-Being and Bioethics. Through participating in Culturefest and Barrio her first year, this organization quickly became a home for her. As OYFA Culture Chair, she will continue to discover even more about her own culture and provide the incoming OYFA members with just as enriching of an experience as she had.

Lauren's favorite hobbies include working out at the AFC and cooking up some yummy vegan dishes, and binge-watching High School Musical: The Musical: The Series for Joshua Bassett's beauty.


Emil Diaz

Emil Lorenzo Cunanan Diaz is a 2nd year Biology major with a CS minor! He lives in the city of Virginia Beach, VA with his mom and dog. He joined OYFA his first year and ran for D7 because he wanted to connect not only his fellow Filipinos at UVA but as many from any other schools as possible! Culture thrives through connectivity!

Emil is most happy when he is rubbing his dog's belly and laughing with friends during the late hours of the night. When he was 10, he really wanted to become a pilot, but alas, his eyes yeeted on him making him almost legally blind, crushing his childhood dream. That's okay though, because he has realized that becoming a doctor has been his true passion all along. He's also a sucker for good quotes, but his all time favorite quote is from Albert Camus, “In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.”


Grace Yang

Grace is a second year studying biology. She is from Mclean, Virginia, and she joined OYFA her first year. She decided to run for Historic because she wanted to capture and share experiences and memories with our UVA and Charlottesville community.

Grace's hidden talent is that she can crack pretty much every bone in her body, and her favorite quote is "It's a weird life, but it’s where I’m at right now." - Nick Miller from New Girl


Jazlyn Nguyen

Jazlyn is a second year studing Cognitive Science with a concentration in Computer Science and Philosophy. She's from Stafford, VA and joined OYFA her first year. She wanted to be Membership to give back to OYFA and give its members a time that was as great as hers was. She was also inspired by her relationship with her big. But there’s way more to Membership than the Big/Little system, and honestly learning about those deeper things got her to love (and hate) the position so much. The best thing about Membership to her is the people that you connect with, and the bridges you build between others.

In her free time, Jazlyn likes to read tarot cards, and her favorite quote is "Champagne for my real friends real pain for my sham friends" — Happy Endings


Candace Miu

Candace is a 2nd year majoring in Systems Engineering in the School of Engineering and Applied Science. She is from Oakton, VA and joined OYFA during her first year. Candace ran for Public Relations because she is passionate about graphic design and wanted to build a stronger relationship between the organization and the public, and further reach out to surrounding communities.

Candace is most happy when she's doing anything with her friends and having a good conversation over some good food. She also likes dancing and filming tiktoks in her spare time.

Tiffany Nguyen

Tiffany is a 2nd year intending to double major in Spanish and Economics in the CLAS. She is from Richmond, VA, and she joined OYFA her first year. Tiffany decided to run for Public Relations due to her interest in graphic design and hope to keep general members included and informed about events happening in the organization.

Tiffany enjoys watching the Bachelor/ette, spending quality time with friends, and exploring new restaurants in her free time.


Dorian Nguyen

Dorian is a 4th year Civil & Environmental Engineering Major in the E-School. He is from Yorktown and joined OYFA in 2016. He ran for Student Advisor because he wanted help OYFA be the best that it can be.

Dana Kim

Dana is a 4th year Psychology major and Sociology minor in the CLAS. She's from Springfield, VA and joined OYFA in 2016 her first year. She applied to be a Student Advisor to support OYFA by alleviating the stress some B&C members may feel. She wants to create a healthy mindset for those dedicating their time to the organization.

She's happiest when she's spending quality time with her friends, family, and herself!


Michelle Hilado

Michelle is a third year majoring in Biology with a minor in American Sign Language in the College! She is from Woodbridge, VA (703 nova gang) and joined OYFA her first year but didn't become an active member until her second year. She ran for Scholarship because she wanted to create a supportive and welcoming environment, both socially and academically, for not only the incoming first years but everyone within OYFA.

Michelle is happiest when she is awake at odd hours of the night with her best friends for no reason because she has no business doing that. Her favorite quote is "bababa ba?" -Filipinos


Ashley Deng

Ashley is a second year in the College of Arts and Sciences. She is from Manassas, VA and joined OYFA spring semester of her first year. She ran for Social to make sure that everyone can feel comfortable at parties, whether they drink alcohol or not, and to create fun inclusive events throughout the year.

When she was little, Ashley wanted to be a dentist, but that was before she realized how bad she was at science:( Also, her hidden talent is that she can bend her elbows backwards!


Ravael Loho

Ravael is a third year double majoring in Global Development Studies and Anthropology in the CLAS. He is from Philadelphia, and he joined OYFA this year. He decided to run for Sports because he wants to get people up and active both to promote health and as a way for members to build each other up!

Ravael's hidden talent is that he is really good at horticulture, and his favorite quote is "The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity." -Amelia Earhart

Isabelle Talicuran

Izzy is a second year studying Biomedical Engineering and minoring in Computer Science. She is from Virginia Beach, VA (ayeee 757), and joined OYFA her first year. She ran to help foster community within OYFA through sports and other fun activities. Another one of her goals was to promote and maintain good mental health through education and activities as well.

Izzy's hidden talent is that she can belly roll, and her favorite quote is "Open your eyes and see what you can with them before they close forever" - Anthony Doerr


Mara Li Hart

Mara is a 2nd year computer science major in the engineering school! She's from Virginia Beach and joined OYFA her first year. Before this role, she didn't know where to start with web development, but quickly learned. She ran for webmaster because she wanted to use technology to teach others what Filipino culture at UVA means!

She's happiest when she's planning her next to-do whether it's coding projects, travel itineraries, or passion projects. Her favorite quote is "Our parents didn't give us this planet; our children loaned it to us" by unknown. She recently founded a Girls Who Code chapter at UVA and is really excited to continue on that journey!